Attempt to beat an athlete with Fitness Test

16 July, 2012

With the Olympics just around the corner and Wimbledon and the Euros just finished there has been an amazing amount of athletic prowess to see. Most of us could never even compete at a level near to what they achieve, especially in their fields but across many of the disciplines there is one common test that is done… The multi stage fitness test. Otherwise know as the beep test,  pacer test or the Leger-test the multi stage fitness test, strikes fear into the most skilled athlete and gives regular folk like us flashbacks to school days in the gym.

So why inflict this fear upon yourself. The answer is simple… to attempt to beat an athlete.

All you need is Fitness Test for iOS, a 20m flat, non-slippery surface and a marker for each end and a not to have a history of medical problems (as with any strenuous exercise). Once you have measured out your 20m space start the test. Aim to arrive at the marker on the beep. Once you miss 3 beeps or can't keep up any more then your level is the last properly completed one. 

The average level for men is 7-9 and women is 6-8. If you do well then here are some more inspiring levels to aim for:

Level 17
Sebastian Coe

Level 16
David Beckham (possibly, according to some sources)
Amir Khan

Level 15.8
The Canberra Lakers Hockey Team (average)

Level 14
Martin Johnson

Level 13
Casey Stoney

Level 12.2
Darren Gough

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