On a Budget

On a Budget


'On a budget' is a simple app for summarising your financial situation. It's designed to help you get on top of your money and take control of your bank balance. On a budget' is designed to put your budget information right in front of you, so have it available to make a more informed decision about your finances.

With 'On a Budget' you'll soon see what you need to cut, what you can keep or if you can spoil yourself with that extra treat once in a while.


All those small things add up massively over the year and bigger one off purchases actually work out smaller than expected. By adding all your transactions and letting 'On a Budget' do the maths you'll soon see can see where your money goes. As an example spending $4 on lunch every work day costs $1042; By contrast, a $1000 Skiing holiday costs $2.74 a day… So do you really want that extra snack or would you prefer something else?


  • Total budget income, expense and balance.
  • Over 90 Categories for transactions
  • Display you budget & transactions over a day,week,month or a year
  • Sort your transactions by value, total value, repeating period and name
  • 'Go native' with a range of currencies to choose from
  • Beautiful Retina Graphics

Give 'On a Budget' a try today and see where you can improve your bank balance

Download On a Budget from the iOS App Store
  • Information

  • Version: 1.2
  • Last Updated: 17 December, 2012


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